As I have been dry firing with Ascalon, it has become clear to me that the VCAS sling just isn’t going to cut it. I just can’t seem to get a good stable position when using it in squatting or kneeling positions. Prone is better, but still not great; and as I live in California and cannot use a magazine as a monopod like I used to do, I have to find better stability to meet my goals.

Today I dug up my Turner Saddlery 1907 black all weather sling. I originally bought it for use with my M1A, as that’s what all the enthusiasts on the M14 Firing Line forum said just had to be used. Well, after rigging up to the QD swivels on Ascalon, I am much happier with its performance- with some caveats. The sling is clearly too long for the smaller distance between sling swivels on my AR. It is workable, but there is a fair amount of extra material that gets in the way a bit. Not a big deal, as I’m not using this gun in a “tactical-dynamic-super-ninja” fashion where it would snag on anything. And once I realized I wasn’t supposed to carry it slung in front of me like the VCAS, it is comfortable to carry on one shoulder slung muzzle up or muzzle down. The adjustments are slow, though, and the design is clearly showing its age. I will most likely put in an order for a TAB gear RAS in the near future, that should suit my needs nicely. But, for now, I’m probably better off spending the money on ammo to practice than acquiring more gear.

Gungnir is fine, though I think it is a bit heavy for the uses I’m putting it through. The heavy varmint barrel is great for settling into a rest or bipod, but a bit more cumbersome shooting slung up. I can see where Jeff Cooper was coming from when he talked about the ideal weight of a walking/fighting rifle. According to him, you should be able to hold the rifle vertically out in front of you for 60 seconds. While I can muscle it up and make it happen, it certainly isn’t comfortable.

I still have not gotten to the range for some actual results testing. Work has been exhausting, with six days per week. That combined with taking two masters classes and the regular day to day duties has eaten up most of my evenings and weekends. I do have a week of leave coming up, so I plan on getting down to the range at least a couple times then.


3 thoughts on “Adjustments”

  1. Since I am sure you read Rifleslinger’s posts at, you should seriously consider his brand of slings. I bought one and couldn’t be happier. Completely takes your support arm muscles out of the equation in all supported firing positions. I think is the store website.

    1. Thanks, I have seen those slings. I may end up with one in the future, as I’m all for experimenting with new options. I’ve got enough rifles that having extra slings would probably be a benefit.

      But, for now at least, I’m trying to break that habit of buying new gear instead of practicing with what I’ve already got.

      1. Totally understand that. I think you will find it the best under 40 dollar expenditure and the last different sling type you will buy.


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