A Thought

Art of the Rifle Blog posted a piece today about subconscious trigger control. Its definitely worth a read. I would be remiss if I did not mention that his blog was my base inspiration for starting my own. I have read the book he references, With Winning in Mind, and found it drastically altered how I approached goal setting and training. To date, it has really only affected how I train my students in my military job- but it will apply just as much to how I pursue my shooting goals.

Rifleslinger talks about the conscious vs subconscious minds, and how they can do comparatively different tasks. I will not rehash what he already wrote in his blog, but he did remind me about the importance of working out a mental program. Lanny Bassham, the author of With Winning in Mind, talks at great length in his book about putting together a mental program that you execute the same way every time without fail when practicing and competition. With focused practice this program becomes automatic and will function regardless of external pressures in a competitive or stressful environment.

After posting this tonight, I will perform my dry fire practice with a focus on establishing this mental program that will work equally well between my AR and bolt gun.



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